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Founder, Director and CEO of Brooklyn Melodies Music Center; Entrepreneur and Musician

At an early age of 4, Laith Michel began his musical journey with his father’s constant encouragement and supervision. At that time his father was a well-known musician at the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, and it was his father’s decision for Laith to play the piano as the main instrument.

Beginning with his enrollment at the Music and Ballet School, which was a government school directed solely by Russian professors, Laith started studying Classical Music. At that time, he had no interest in adapting to the lifestyle of a musician, however with his father’s persistence and redirection, he began to appreciate that style of music and its elements at the age of ten.

In continuation of his classical studies, he was specially moved by classical composers such as Chopin, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff for their musical structure, composition and choice of instrumentation. He was also inspired by Middle Eastern composers like Rahbani – Fairouz and Omar Khayrat for the style of their compositions.

After emigrating to the USA at the age of seventeen, he found himself to be attached to different musical forms besides Classical, such as Jazz, Latin and Middle Eastern. With an interest in combining Jazz and Middle Eastern Music, he began composing his own music and enjoying re-arranging previous compositions and songs of other composers which inspired him to make a few albums and publish them internationally.

Since moving to Dubai in 1999 he noticed the lack of a proper music education in Dubai and this is where he decided with a far vision and ambition to create what is today Brooklyn Melodies Music Center.

Brooklyn Melodies Became a big success due to Laith’s extensive business experience and his music education level.

With his early life experience and quality standards, his mission was to offer only the best in Music and Dance education!

“The Best Everlasting Gift for Your Child is Music!”

Laith Michel, Founder & CEO

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