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How to Promote Your Album Independently in Dubai
Singing and coming up with simple constructions in the form of music is one thing – everyone seems to be getting in the market especially with the unlimited forms of digital marketing present as of now. Nonetheless, some upcoming musicians find themselves in that hot seat where they have no marketer, promoter or an agent […]
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8 Books for Dancers
Teaching and educating kids is one thing – of course, it fills the parent with joy to see their young bundles of joy succeeding academically. But most of the time, we take a passive role in their academic excellence through paying their school fees. We leave the teachers to do most of the work as […]
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Podcasts Musicians
The Best Podcasts for Musicians
Ask every qualified musician you know, and they’ll tell you of a certain music podcast they use to get them through the day. This is especially so for music lovers with good knowledge of the net – if you know where to look, you’ll be sure to find something that’s worth your time. That’s inspired […]
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Tips to Improve Your Voice at Home
The internet is full of vocal fixes that many musicians love to use and try their luck to find the perfect fix to smoothen their voices. It would be unfair and unjust to say that these methods don’t work: some members have, however, not yet witnessed the full potential of such means it leads to […]
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guitar legend Dubai
The 12 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
It was back in 1970 at his live performance in Atlanta when I decided I would become a full-time guitar player! Even though he passed on, Jimi Hendrix has ever since been my inspiration and motivation all through my career. I, therefore, understand how crucial it is to not only know your guitar but to […]
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dance lesson bad excuses
4 Bad Excuses to Ban from Your Next Dance Lesson
Since the beginning of times, dance teachers have heard just about all excuses in the books as students fight even for just a single lesson away from class. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad whatever you’re trying to do, nor is it good. Dancing isn’t as easy as the dancers like to make it […]
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piano school Dubai
How to Start to Learn Piano
It’s a beautiful thing listening to an expert play the piano – it’s a magnificent thing actually being behind the keys, aptly stroking the keys and notes without a care in the world. Words cannot really describe this feeling to its entirety! It is this feeling that prompted me to continue my intimate relationship with […]
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The 12 Greatest Violinists of All Time
Immersing yourself in a musical career that works with stringed instruments happens to be one of the toughest ordeals for artists. Finding one’s way around all the strings and codes and learning the exact spots to touch, the right pressure to apply to bring about the sound that’s needed and also the correct level of […]
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choose a drum set
Guide: How to Choose Drums
Experienced drummers know there’s more to drumming than just entering a music shop and purchasing the first set that appeals to the eye. Drumming is as sacred and varied as playing the guitar, piano or even the sensational violin. If you’re a seasoned drummer, however, you want to make sure you have the appropriate gear […]
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Kids Musical Education
5 Advantages of Providing Your Kids Musical Education
One of the most common extramural activities that parents can enroll their child into is music lessons. Whether you choose to make your kid learn a musical instrument or just expose him to the many forms and types of music, there’s no denying that the universal language is one that can positively affect people, young […]
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