Clarinet Lessons


Are you interested to be ‘The King of Swing’ like Benny Goodman, one of the best Jazz Clarinetists of all times? Then a great ‘performance worthy’ Clarinet lesson is waiting for you!

It is said that Music is in the air. And yes, air is one of the key components to create a melodic tone on the Clarinet. Just pinch off the reed and it’s done, the Clarinet magic will begin.

You may find that the Clarinet is often ‘new’ to people. The reason behind this fact is that it has evolved over time. This ‘little trumpet’ has been changed from an instrument with a loud sharp sound to an instrument with more keys and variations. The Clarinet was, is and will always be an integral part of many musical troupes. Thus, it might get you to join several Musical Bands or Orchestras to perform.

Playing a wind instrument like the Clarinet means you must breathe deeply and fill your lungs to the extreme. Then you have to blow. Not just ‘let it go’ kind of blow, but blow in certain strengths, controlled manner. A perfect healthy, respiratory workout!

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center is renowned for offering the best Clarinet Lessons in Dubai for more than 10 years. We understand the fact that each student is unique in their ambitions. So, our Clarinet lessons are fitted to each student by taking their goals, proficiency, and learning pace into consideration. We offer personalized professional Clarinet lessons, for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to Adults, and from complete beginners to advance. Our fun-filled sessions are typically focused on breath control, tonal quality, sound production, articulation, and more. So, don’t be afraid if you’ve never played the Clarinet before – we always love to teach our new students!

An essential part of the music education is performing on stage; therefore, we strive to provide our students with the opportunity to perform in a variety of fascinating and fun recitals and concerts throughout the year, in some of the most iconic places in Dubai. We offer our Clarinet students an expert preparation for the international examinations, such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Rockschool. We are happy to offer proficient preparation and to present our Clarinet students to a variety of Local and International Competition, and we are proud of the great success, achievements and awards of many of our students till now.

We also encourage all our Clarinet students to join one of the Brooklyn Melodies Music Center Choirs, as we believe that will enhance their overall music abilities and performance.

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Few Benefits of Playing Clarinet

  • Playing Clarinet Sharpens Concentration
  • Playing Clarinet Increases Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Playing Clarinet Improves Time Management
  • Playing Clarinet Boosts Self-Esteem
  • Playing Clarinet Reduces Stress
  • Playing Clarinet Strengthens Core Muscles and Improves Posture