About Us


Brooklyn Melodies Music Center

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center opened its first branch in 2007. We planted a small seed which flourished into a beautiful garden.

Since then, we have been the leading Music School in Dubai, with the largest number of branches conveniently located across all key areas of Dubai, and the largest number of students presented in the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and RSL Rockschool International Exams.

We are pleased and happy to have inspired and contributed to many people’s lives. We have put lots of effort and passion through the years to provide the highest quality of Music, Ballet and Dance – Individual and Group courses; for all ages, starting from little children to adults; and for all levels, from complete beginners to advance.

As Hans Christian Andersen once said “Where Words Fail, Music Speaks”

At Brooklyn Melodies Music Center, we are happy to give our students the opportunity to find their unique way to express themselves, choosing between Piano, Guitar, Violin, Vocal, Drums, Ukulele, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, including Music Theory; Children’s Music Classes; Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Jazz Dance and Hip Hop Classes.

“The Best Everlasting Gift for Your Child is Music!”

Laith Michel, Founder & CEO

Mission Statement

Brooklyn Melodies Music center’s mission is to provide excellence in teaching and a foundation for a lifetime of high-standard music education, for students of all ages. We are dedicated to developing the full potential of our students in a professional and enjoyable environment, by providing comprehensive programs to support our diverse student’s population.

“The Best Everlasting Gift for Your Child is Music!” Laith Michel, CEO & Founder

Brooklyn Melodies seeks to enrich the Arts world with inspiring, innovative and enjoyable Music and Dance offerings.

Brooklyn Melodies strives to transform students lives through the study and performance of Music and Dance, by adhering to high, internationally recognized curricula standards.

Brooklyn Melodies seeks to empower students of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds to realize their full potential through exceptional Music and Dance education, in an inclusive and diverse environment where Arts excellence is the main driver.

Our Core Values:


We view Music and all Performing Arts as an essential part of basic education.

We believe Music and Performing Arts are a Universal Language, which allows people of different cultures from all around the world to communicate their feelings and emotions in a meaningful and profound way.

We believe that every Individual should have the opportunity to learn Music and Performing Arts, regardless of age, previous experience or professional aspirations, in extensive variety of music styles.

We are convinced that all students deserve to achieve their full musical potential taught by highly professional, experienced and passionate teachers.