Dance Classes

Dedicated to our mission of providing students of all ages with the highest quality of individual and group courses in Dance. Brooklyn Melodies offers Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Jazz Dance and Hip Hop Classes to over 5,000 children and adults.

At Brooklyn Melodies, we inspire our dancers to understand, perform, and appreciate dancing. We train our students and help them become expert dancers using a balanced study program made of fundamentals of dancing, sound understanding, and movement learning.

Creative Movers

This class introduces students to the study of dance.  The movements are designed to engage them in interactive, imaginative and fun ways to experience dance as a form of expression.

The children learn coordination skills and basic movement patterns, as well as listening and observation skills for a positive and safe learning experience.

Modern Dance

Brooklyn Melodies provides the best modern dance classes in Dubai. These classes draw from a variety of modern dance styles such as Jazz and Hip Hop, while developing full body integration through organic motion.  Students warm up with a combination of floor exercises, body isolations and technical phrases.

Utilizing material from the warm-up, longer combinations are crafted to stress spatial relationships, floor patterns and weighted and released movements. Students are encouraged to develop their own creativity through improvisational studies.

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