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Want to see yourself jamming the world’s top favorite songs like ‘Summer of 69’ or ‘Hotel California’?

These tunes wouldn’t be the same without ‘Guitar’! It has always been considered as a core instrument in the Music industry. And why not? No one can deny the importance and influence of Guitar in musical genres- from Folk to Heavy Metal.

The Guitar is one of the most enjoyable instruments to learn. A Guitarist develops the ability to express himself and release the emotions through playing, which is very therapeutic. On the other hand, strumming the Guitar means adding new wings to the creative aspect of a person! It helps to strengthen hand-mind coordination, time management skill and make people more systematic. One can learn a lot of synchronized movements via Guitar sessions. Moving both the hands simultaneously, grasp, strum, and hold down accurate fret positions, all at the same time. It’s extremely beneficial for kids as learning how to play Guitar not only just expand their IQ level and academic performance but it also helps to become more organized and flexible.

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center is renowned for offering the best Guitar Lessons in Dubai for more than 10 years. Whether you want to learn Blues, Acoustic Pop, Folk, Jazz, or get a grasp of a few different styles, this is the best instrument to start with. From a solo performance in front of a huge crowd to being a lead Guitarist in a band- Guitar supports in socialization. It’s so handy that no prior arrangements are required. Strum away anytime, anywhere with anyone. We offer personalized professional Guitar Lessons, for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to Adults, and from complete beginners to advance. We believe that the individual approach is essential in learning the Guitar, and every class is personalized based on the students’ learning stage, style, abilities, and goals. Whether you want just to learn how to play your favorite tunes or progress in the Guitar as a professional, our carefully selected and highly-qualified teachers are here to guide you in each step of the way to a genuine achievement. We believe that creating a long-lasting passion and love for music is the key to success.

We believe that an essential part of the music education is performing on stage; therefore, we strive to provide our students with the opportunity to perform in a variety of fascinating and fun recitals and concerts throughout the year, in some of the most iconic places in Dubai. We offer our Guitar students an expert preparation for the international examinations, such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Rockschool. We are happy to offer proficient preparation and to present our Guitar students to a variety of Local and International Competition, and we are proud of the great success, achievements and awards of many of our students till now.

We also encourage all our Guitar students to join one of the Brooklyn Melodies Music Center Choirs, as we believe that will enhance their overall music abilities and performance.

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Few Benefits of Playing Guitar

  • Playing Guitar improves intelligence
  • Playing Guitar unleashes creativity
  • Playing Guitar helps to meditate
  • Playing Guitar gives an opportunity to mingle with society
  • Playing Guitar keeps mentally active and stress-free
  • Playing Guitar makes way for a healthy heart
  • Playing Guitar releases negative energy
  • Playing Guitar offers a sense of satisfaction
  • Playing Guitar adds ‘cool’ quotient to the personality
  • Playing Guitar is inexpensive and hassle-free

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