Ballet Classes

Ballet requires great teachers, dedication, hard training, and lots of practice. At Brooklyn Melodies, we offer Classical and Contemporary ballet classes designed to help our students become great dancers.

Ballet Preparation

This class introduces students to ballet vocabulary and dance aesthetics. This is the student’s first experience at the ballet barre where they learn basic positions and exercises.

Students begin to learn about alignment while increasing their sense of body awareness.  They learn movement patterns and sequences, and improve coordination as they experience the joy of dancing.

Ballet preparation lessons are designed for students between the ages of 3 and 4 with the aim to improve muscle coordination. Although, students at this age are quick learner, their fragile bodies are not ready for real ballet.

Therefore, in this class, we will teach them how to adapt their bodies and minds to movement and rhythm. With the right training, they will develop the flexibility and understanding they need to progress to the next level.


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Beginner Ballet

This class is an essential for all dancers. Terminology, proper body alignment and turnout are further developed.

An emphasis on building strength and flexibility is stressed. There is a focus on improving performance skills through an enhanced understanding of dance phrasing, musicality and expressiveness. Continuous study will progress the student through beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

In this class, we will introduce student to basic ballet. This class is important as it lays down the foundation for students to progress to the next level by mastering the basic movements and steps.

Students will be taught patience and discipline as well as placement of their body.

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate ballet focuses on technique to help you move to the next level. Students who join this class will expect an intense training to develop strong muscles and balance to advance in their training. In this class, our teachers will help the students improve their skills, change bad habits that might have acquired, make less errors, etc.

Advanced Ballet

Advanced ballet classes are designed to help students become masters. Only fully dedicated students will join this class that require focus and lots of practice.

Students will be taught advanced ballet techniques and will be expected to master them all with time.

Advanced ballet is not limited by time, but by the students’ ability to learn all the necessary techniques. That is why, early ballet classes are very important for those who are very serious about master the art of ballet.