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Why not blowing all your worries away, while playing the Flute?

Flute is one of the oldest and most diverse instruments, which has many variations not only over the world, but across the history. Flute has a very elegant look and a beautiful lyrical sound, so one simply can’t overlook its mellow, serene, yet rich timbre. There are many types of the Flute in shape and size, and you can find Flute made of so many different materials, from bamboo through ebony, up to silver and gold.

One of the most tempting features of the Flute is that it is quite simple in terms of learning, but the range of music written for this instrument is impressive. You are just a breath away to produce the most melodic tune, choosing to play between a huge variety of styles from Classical Music, through Folk and World Music, up to Jazz, Pop and Rock. Yet, there are not that many flute players, so you will definitely be in the centre of attention.

Whether it’s in an Orchestra, Solo Performance or playing in a Band, Flute can be performed everywhere. This particular instrument is meant for adding an extra charm to any show. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and transport.

Besides all the benefits that come with playing any music instrument, learning how to play Flute promotes good posture, teaches healthy breathing, improves the respiratory system, boosts the immune system, develops core strength and finger velocity.

In case you’re in search of a fun hobby to support general wellness and achieve something great, you might want to consider giving Flute lessons a try. Playing Flute is a great medium to regulate your mood in a poetic way, and the best and easiest way to step away from your daily routine and make some music, just for yourself. Playing Flute and mastering the instrument will build your confidence and bring you a lot of satisfaction.

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center is happy to offer personalized professional Flute Lessons for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to Adults, and from complete beginners to advance, with vast repertoire to choose from, while studying a wide variety of styles. We believe that the individual approach is essential in learning any music instrument, and every class is personalized based on the students’ learning stage, style, abilities, and goals. Whether you want just to learn how to play your favorite tunes or progress as a professional, our carefully selected and highly-qualified teachers are here to guide you in each step of the way to a genuine achievement. We believe that creating a long-lasting passion and love for music is the key to success.

We believe that an essential part of the music education is performing on stage; therefore we strive to provide our students with the opportunity to perform in a variety of fascinating and fun recitals and concerts throughout the year, in some of the most iconic places in Dubai. We offer our Flute students an expert preparation for the international examinations, such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

We also encourage all our Flute students to join one of the Brooklyn Melodies Music Center Choirs, as we believe that will additionally improve their breathing technique, while enhancing their overall music abilities and performance in a joyful and creative way.

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Few Benefits of Playing the Flute

  • Playing Flute improves intelligence
  • Playing Flute unleashes creativity
  • Playing Flute teaches responsibility
  • Playing Flute gives an opportunity to make new friends
  • Playing Flute reduces stress
  • Playing Flute makes way for a healthy heart
  • Playing Flute releases negative energy
  • Playing Flute offers a sense of satisfaction
  • Playing Flute improves body coordination
  • Playing Flute increases memory capacity