Vocal Classes


Young singers are encouraged to join one of the choirs (arranged by age group) as their young bodies adapt to the rigors of vocal training. Click here to join best vocal classes in Dubai

– Emphasis on Posture, Breath Control, Breathing for Singing, Diaphragm
– Scales on open vowels throughout the singer’s range: AH, AYE, EE, OH, OO`
– Learning how to enunciate singing songs in English

Depending on the depth and growth of the voice, the strength of the body, and the discipline of the singer, further assessment is done to explore singing types: Spirituals, Ethnic Folk Songs, Broadway, Opera, R&B, and/or Jazz.

The study of Music Theory, which covers learning to read musical notes, is essential for students regardless of age. This skill is one of the most important skills because the voice is the one instrument you can perform without having learned to read the notes first. Singers who do not learn this skill are limited in their preparation to perform and develop.

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