Top Places for Concerts in Dubai

People regularly refer to Dubai as the Hong Kong of the Gulf; nevertheless, it’s really more like Vegas. From the tallest buildings in the world to malls that could only be matched by París – Dubai is quickly rising to become a phenomenal giant globally. She already is, as a matter of fact. Her welcoming people are sure to host you and accommodate you, and oh, the magnificence in the hotels! Did you know Dubai is the first city to host a 7-star hotel! How best to add to this experience than with some rhythm and music from the very best? Just like adding ecstasy to a titbit of paradise!

What to Remember When Visiting Top Places for Concerts and Other Sites

Dubai presents to you variety – from the malls to the restaurants and even the foods on display. This also happens to be the same case with music – whatever’s in your ‘to-do list’ you will find here. What’s more, the venues that offer such hype are uncountable. Prior preparations will come in handy if you’re to really savor the experience. Even with all its glamour and glitz, remember the country rises in the heart of the desert.

So, what exactly can you do in the name of preliminary preparations? Kick it off by keeping cool at all times. If possible, have your bottle of water to quench you up if attending some daytime concert. The nightlife is also pretty warm as the grounds get filled with people – I mean, who goes to the club with a jacket and a sweater inside? Be lose and have fun – it’s Dubai for crying out loud.

You also really need work on getting earlier tickets for your dream concerts. Last minute rash and purchases can be more costly for you and probably end up stressing you more than it should have. Remember that age-old adage about that early bird that grabs the fattest worm?

Top Places for Concerts in Dubai

Concerts in Dubai

If you want to party, Dubai sure knows how to. The concert venues for music lovers are exhilarating, to say the least. The biggest events, when the year comes to an end and another begins, are explosive – for lack of a stronger word. You can always feel the Islam love as you party with these guys; it’s as if the oil they produce is used to grease their hearts.

Dubai has thus emerged as one of the brightest cities in the Arab world. It has shown the positive side of the Muslim community – how they can come together to make it all happen and possible for you. From the sleekest cars to the fanciest jewelry, you’ll surely love your stay in Dubai.

Music Concerts in Dubai

The Dubai Opera

With the upcoming Soundstorm event in Abu Dhabi, the city is soon to have its fill of tourists. The December festivities are also around the coming. Dubai is known to be the 4th in the world in hosting tourists annually. The coming season will require you know the ideal places to go to when in Dubai. Especially if you are a music lover, you need to know where to find your jazz.


The Music Hall

Every music lover should visit this spot if in Dubai. This goes first on our list due to the wide selection of artists who come to this place on a weekly basis. I mean, if you ever want some good time dancing to the tunes of your best rhythms, just locate Palm Jumeirah (West) Dubai.



The euphoria in music is in listening to it among your own clique – people who understand the experience and can relate to it. Crowne Plaza promises to deliver that sensational feel in their spacious grounds. Meet your crowds and the DJs you always dreamed of listening to – even the international big-pins.


Burj Khalifa

You can’t talk about Dubai and fail to mention Burj Khalifa. Same way you cannot speak of the African jungles and fail to mention the Big 5, the lion in particular. Get to feel the high from the altitude as you get quality music experience from this amazing spot.


Burj Park

Nightlife is best when enjoyed outside; if you’ve ever partied while getting the night cold, you know what I mean. Downtown Dubai provides you with a park like no other. The terrains and the green are enough to have it termed as a tourist spot. And it’s true; visitors do love this downtown venue.


Dubai Media City Amphitheater

From the very lowly upstarts to the expert spinners and talented voices, this location will give you just about everything. It even gets better when it rains – it becomes an angelic fortitude and one hell of an experience.


Mall of the Emirates at Al Barsha brings you Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre. This is where all the action goes down – the realest stuff. The kind of talent that goes on here is rarely is the kind of talent that can be equaled to several pieces of gem. Moreover, this is the one location that will assure you ample parking space on the ground and the roof if you want to spend the night. Check out Friday nights for this spot – it’s lit!


Dubai Opera

If you thought Dubai had enough to offer, you’re in for plenty of surprises. The Dubai Opera is the one location that’s seen millions envious of Dubai. With such building designs, you’re sure what you’ll find inside will match up to the outside view. The spot has been lucky enough to host several New Year events.

Top Places for Concerts in Dubai – Conclusion

music concerts in Dubai

Concert places in Dubai are as many as there are malls. You also don’t need to spend so much to visit the top places for concerts in Dubai. The ground rules remain the same for foreigners and locals – be decent and respect the law of the land. Preserve the sacredness of music and let others do the same too. And in case you don’t relish all the moments…! What am I even saying! It is next to impossible not to have the time of your life in Dubai exclusive hot spots. All you need to do is checkup the upcoming big thing, stay trendy and live largely.