The Best Guitar Tablature Websites

guitar-tablature-dubai The Best Guitar Tablature Websites

Hello players. I still remember the first time I saw someone play the guitar. I was lucky enough since the person in question could sing and summon both angels and demons with his voice. So you can bet it was a nice combo as my mother and I watched the performance of the guy who would later charm his way into her heart and become my stepfather! I was 4 then, and I immediately wanted to be taught how to go about with the strings and chords. You can imagine my mother’s surprise as I headed up front immediately he finished his performance, greeted him and asked him to be my ‘master’!

Long story short, I promise you’ll fall in love with me if you were to give me an Epiphone Les Paul Special II or even a simple steel-stringed acoustic guitar – been there, done that. But playing the guitar for 20 years doesn’t make you a master. Each day you might piece in some special note that you haven’t played before which humbles you to seek to learn more. Well, I’m speaking for myself; I’d like to assume it’s the same for other players too.

Over the years, people have manipulated and taken over the net as a source to spread just about anything. As a matter of fact, day in day out, hundreds of guitar tablature websites are being set up by individuals willing to share their guitar running experience. Some of these are totally free while you have to contribute a little something-something on other sites. Others will offer great information on just about any musical instrument with lessons available on the same.

The Best Tablature Websites

Looking for the best of anything is totally objective and depends on personal opinions. Nonetheless, for a guitar player, the best tablature will have several universal features for it to stand out from the rest. For instance, if it’s a paid site, it should be reasonably affordable or one will be prompted to look for the services elsewhere. Also, it should be packed and loaded with a wide variety of music to choose from and hence offer varied levels of hardness. This helps the player improve by the day. Some of these sites offer books and CDs at quite fair prices. Some have just been around for the longest time, carry the largest number of users and hence impress players with the notion of loyalty and long service delivery. They include:

Guitar Tab Creator

Do you want to know the easiest way to make, save and share tabs? Here, you will find different tools that all come in handy such as a freeboard, chords, scales and tunings. Users are advantaged since they require no software download as the site can be easily accessed on the web. Its ease of use and manipulation makes it particularly attractive to beginners who find a whole bunch of features there. The site also presents a chord tool that helps the user view the finger patterns for all chords played plus also plays them back with MIDI Sound!


With a database of over 100,000 Print and Digital Sheet Music Tiles, you are almost sure you’ll get the kind of help you’re looking for. The books and single tablature sheet music available will interest you with all sorts of genres right from jazz to the classical orchestras, folk, pop and rock. The providers also have an array of CDs to choose from to perfect your learning process. Get the latest releases as you get to enjoy instant shipment via mail.

Guitar Pro 7.5

This came into the market as the better version of Power Tab which led to this site besting others more in service delivery. That notwithstanding, the site requires certain fees for one to access the services. So if you’re not budgeting for any software, it might be a wise option to look some other way.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Never again has rock and roll been this easier for the everyday nerd whose shyness hinders them from joining bands and learning the strings. As a matter of fact, the site has time and again fallen in the list of consumer’s favorites as the masses bring in positive reviews of the largest data store of online tabs and sheets. The catalogues are arranged in different formats; there’s a category for different genres, another containing different years (decades going back to the 1960s where they have a record of almost 25,000 tabs and lastly, there’s a group of the different types of tabs to be explored – whether you want Chords, Ukulele, Bass or Guitar Pro. The site allows users to find the highly rated tabs since it only references tabs with 5-star rating as well as choose the right tab type. We would highly recommend you to go for the Power Tab Files or download the Guitar Pro ones as long as you have the software installed. Thank us later.

Amazon Guitar Tabs

Amazon came into the market to bring you a one-stop shopping experience for all your shopping needs. Whatever it is you need, Amazon got it for you. In fact, the song tablatures available here are among the top-rated and some which you can’t find anywhere else. The site offers an awesome amount of guitar tablature books all to the advantage of the seeker. All you’ve got to do is type in “your favorite artist” and consecutively add “guitar tab”.

Guitar Tablature Websites: Wrap Up

There you go – tablature websites that will have you running until you can stand on your own two feet. Remember what we said; learning is an everyday process requiring lots of patience, dedication and more practice. But while you’re still at it, you should endeavour to try out something new; something that you teach yourself. After all, every guitar player is auspicious from the other. Each player with their guitar has a different playing style that cannot be compared to another’s. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try out new moves and chords combination and see what you’ll come up with. It would be better to do this once you’ve had a better grip of the guitar and mastered different guitar tablatures.


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