The 12 Greatest Violinists of All Time

Immersing yourself in a musical career that works with stringed instruments happens to be one of the toughest ordeals for artists. Finding one’s way around all the strings and codes and learning the exact spots to touch, the right pressure to apply to bring about the sound that’s needed and also the correct level of […]
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choose a drum set

Guide: How to Choose Drums

Experienced drummers know there’s more to drumming than just entering a music shop and purchasing the first set that appeals to the eye. Drumming is as sacred and varied as playing the guitar, piano or even the sensational violin. If you’re a seasoned drummer, however, you want to make sure you have the appropriate gear […]
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Kids Musical Education

5 Advantages of Providing Your Kids Musical Education

One of the most common extramural activities that parents can enroll their child into is music lessons. Whether you choose to make your kid learn a musical instrument or just expose him to the many forms and types of music, there’s no denying that the universal language is one that can positively affect people, young […]
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The Emerging Musicians and Bands from Dubai

Great news for music lovers – Dubai is in the frontline in the music world with the best performances stemming out from the Dubai populace. As a matter of fact, the best acts and artists are yet to be given the recognition they deserve, yet, they are the most loved by the ones who have […]
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dance ballet audition

How to Prepare for a Dance Audition

“I shut my eyes, I feel the rhythm coursing through my veins as my body moves along to every beat; and when there’s no beat, each pump of my heart creates a rhythm inside me which I just can’t ignore!” This is what dancing means for me – it’s my life. Dancing shouldn’t really be […]
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