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Dancing is more than just raising your arms and swaying your body from right to left. It’s an art, just like music and painting – one not only needs to learn the basics and perfect them but one is also required to learn continually. The learning process never ends and it’s looking all bright for dancers. We are in the digital age where everything is accessed at the click of a button. Artists can now position themselves better in their dancing career with the help of podcasts for dancers. Not only are these easily accessible and easy to use, but they are also in plenty and can offer a limitless growth opportunity to those who put in the sweat.

Getting Started

The very fact that you’ve read this far suggests that you need help in developing your dance journey. This is exactly what we’re here for; to guide you along the way and hold your hand through it all. Without further ado, let’s look at the must-have podcasts for dancers in 2018-2019.

The Dance Podcast

Whether you want to become Ginger Rose, dance to the beats of Michael Jackson or hit the dance floor like Bill Robinson, one thing is for sure; you definitely have big dreams. When big dreams meet big let downs and get a touch of authentic conversations, what do you get? ‘The Dance Podcast’! Here, dancers get to listen to interviews by renowned dancers and the most successful choreographers as they narrate their ups and downs in the industry. You just can’t miss out on this!

Seek Sick Sound

This is an online French magazine which does so much more than just organize podcast series; they also publish articles on electronic music as well as organize exciting events in Bordeaux. Considering the sensational selection of international artists who rock this platform, you will be gutted to miss any of the podcasts, especially if you’re into any sort of electronic music – dubstep, ambient, techno, house, experimental, industrial and noise.

Pas De Chat

If you’re a fan of ballet, you’ve probably heard of Barry Kerrolis of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Remember when we said there’s more to dancing than just learning the moves– well, this dancer has added a freelancing career to his portfolio and talks about all there is when it comes to dancing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re battling with your emotional health or beating yourself up on choosing the ideal dance show – Pas De Chat has you fully covered.

New Books in Dance

Geeks also can end up becoming the best dancers – you’d be surprised what those shy nerds have hidden up their sleeves. So, if you’re a fan of reading books and you’re also into dance, this podcast is the perfect go for you. It features exclusive interviews from dance scholars on their new books.

Pod De Deux Podcast

Podcasts for dancers can be about anything pertaining to dancing. When you get a platform that keeps you updated on the latest happening in the dance community, you just can’t help but appreciate technology. This podcast will feature relaxed conversations with dance-makers, choreographers and administrators as they explore the current trends facing the modern day dancer.

Balancing Pointe

Ballet dancers can further expand their minds during their downtime with this podcast for dancers. It targets a wider audience and hence interviews dance professionals from different walks of life as they narrate their experiences in bringing ballet to life. Quite informative if I may say and ballet dancers can gain a whole ton of benefits by keeping up with this series.


This is a peculiar podcast series that has offered an internationally psychedelic feel over the years. It’s based out of East London and is put together by well-known local DJ Fitz, Dalston-ite, McAndrews along with Bible Mike. Occasional guests also access to these airwaves including Animal Collective and Brad Truax. It is unique since each episode has its own concept usually outlined in the name with a one-sentence introduction. Here, you get to enjoy everything – from Palaysian or Portuguese music to reggae, Bob Dylan and even Dutch jams from the 70s! It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Download the tunes from iTunes or over the web.

ABC Music Podcast

“A Beautiful Collection” of music is yet another Dutch podcast that publishes its series on a monthly basis. Unlike other podcasts, this isn’t made by guest DJs but by ABC Music collective. They also include monthly charts of favorite music which contains all the hit songs of the month.

Ask Megan

New York City Ballet principal Megan Fairchild is quite a popular icon in the American music scenes. This artistic ballet dancer seeks to impart others with ballet knowledge and provide challenging solutions to tricky problems, especially in ballet. It all goes down in this podcast for dancers where you get a chance to ask questions and she answers them on a weekly basis. Talking of Megan Fairchild, it’s probably fair we also mention Becoming Ballet – another one of her popular podcasts that guide beginners and upstarts in their journey through ballet. No more need to go through the pressures of an apprenticeship alone – Megan’s got your back.

Beats in Space

From being a legendary radio show to a record label, Beats in Space has it all. For 15 years, Tim Sweeney has created and maintained a music scene that can’t be likened to any other. This can all be seen from the affluence and influence on the masses and even artists. In the ideal sense, Beats in Space presents itself as the only true podcast in its original sense. You will find all sorts of American independent and club hits here.

Conclusive Thoughts

As already seen, podcasts for dancers will do much more than just improve on your knowledge about dance and music. You will also benefit by staying up to speed with all the latest happenings as you listen to people’s experiences, hurdles and the manner in which they emerged out unscathed. You will need to learn music too.

So, which podcast for dancers appeals most to you?


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