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Dancing has not only become a passion for many people but a career as well. Many people are pursuing full time dancing as choreographers or simply world-class dancers. The beauty in it is that you can do this in the comfort of your home without even having to spend much on a trainer. Singing, just like dancing requires just as much attention, training and focus if one is to learn and understand the depths of music. Learning an instrument is a whole other field that calls for dedicated passion. Nonetheless, all these form the fundamentals of music: one with an impetuous passion to the same can seek to learn all the basics and still be masterful in all these art – it’s all music after all.

Learning Music by Self

Learning music is not as easy as it sounds: especially if you’re walking down that lane alone without instructors or paid music lessons to add that professional appeal. You will need to put in a ton of extra effort as you work on your vocals and perfect your skills. Nonetheless, a little help along the way won’t do you harm, will it? That’s why technology has come into the picture to make life better and your road less patchy. Consider using the following apps and note the difference in your training:


iPhone and iPad lovers have in the last 14years been lucky to have a one-stop studio where they can record their music on the go. It comes with virtual instruments that will assist you in creating a beat like a real pro. Other features include live loops, multi-touch gestures to play the instruments, and a sound library for downloading any other needed sound instrument. You can also plug in your guitar as you have your moments through classic amps and stompbox effects.


This particular app takes learning of music to a whole new level. It takes a deeper approach and offers an additional 65000 courses at only 11 dollars. What’s more, it takes a general approach and also offers lessons in programming, design, writing, editing and so much more.

ABRSM Speedshifter

This is the ideal app for the ideal musician: it’s the first app you should consider having if you’re considering to take music learning to an elevated level. The app basically enables you to shift the speed of any audio track without necessarily altering the pitch. This enables you to conduct musicals and slow practices as you try to match up with the instrument of your choice. This paid app has received 5-star ratings from customers who have successfully perfected the guitar with its help.

Music Tutor Sight Read

We shouldn’t have mentioned all the above without considering the beginner – same way you can’t skip to your fifth grade without having gone to kindergarten. This app will make sure you have a lively time even as you get started on learning to read and write music. You have to minimize repeated errors as the app does not allow you to analyze your errors. Happy time answering the freaky awesome quiz questions in this quiz game app.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Finding guitar Tablatures from trusted sources has continually been a struggle for most musicians. Most sources will either offer a limited set of Tablatures or won’t have the ones being sought for. This app has come to change that: not only does it offer you the largest database for such tabs, it also comes in handy for drummers looking for different drum tablatures and chords. You’ll be lucky on this platform since you can save the app and all the tabs your SD Card and additionally get offline access.

Musical Piano Pro

Those of you with no interest in playing the piano might think of moving on to the next app. Don’t be surprised to hear that this is a one-stop site for drummers, harpers and many more artists. The app has a metronome, a drum kit, pipes, autoharp and other features that should get your learning process on course. Acapella singers are also likely to have a convenient time as they get a backup in their pitching.

Mobile Metronome

You want to keep up with the beats especially when practising on clarinets or the drum. Mobile Metronome comes in handy as it assists the artist by providing such things as the time signature, the click sound and the number of beats. It’s completely compatible with Android with fine tempo tuning options ranging from 10BPM to 230BPM. What’s more, the volume is easily adjustable with a visual beat counter alongside Italian tempo markings. Users are particularly pleased with the app as it automatically switches off whenever there’s an incoming call.

Voice Training

There’s still another free music app that’s very similar to the Voice Training app known as SingTrue. The app takes your music lessons on a higher note it highlights the exact note you should be singing with to match up your pitch. It also has a series of exercises that’ll get you working on perfecting your vocal range and even offers periodic tests that’ll grade your music capability. It doesn’t end there; it offers a set of singing games to keep you on your foot. SingTrue is, however, only available to iPhone users.

Other Tips to Consider

Since you’re training on the move or at the comfort of your home, you need to learn music in style. Some practices will have you learn an instrument quickly and still refine your voice to unimaginable notes and pitch. First, you need to realize that whatever you’re trying to learn is a sacred art which requires a deeper sense of concentration. You, therefore, need to dedicate some time every single day for your lessons – if possible, do it several times a day to escalate your progress. Remember to take care of yourself by consuming the right foods and picking up beneficial habits. If possible, cut off harmful behaviors that will have a negative effect on your voice such as smoking. At the end of the day, the end will justify the means: sacrifice is the name of the game!

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