The Benefits of Playing a Music Instrument

The Benefits of Playing a Music Instrument

1. It Sharpens Concentration
Research shows that musicians are better at finding mistakes and correcting them. Playing an instrument requires you to focus on a few things at once, so it will sharpen your concentration skills. In fact, as you advance and start playing on your own, your concentration improves and the number of mistakes you do will decrease. It is often easier for children who play a music instrument to concentrate in school.


2. It Increases Coordination
Playing a music instrument requires us to move our hands independently of each other. It also requires us to read music notes while hitting the right keys. These actions will help us improve coordination and provide us with better critical thinking skills. As these skills are mastered, our coordination skills improve.


3. It Improves Time Management
Since playing a music instrument requires you to practice regularly and follow a specific lessons schedule, you will learn how to manage your time better. This in return will help you improve your time management skills for every part of your life.


4. It Boosts Self-Esteem
Learning how to play an instrument can boost our confidence. Learning how to play your favorite song and do it in front of an audience will make you feel overjoyed. After many hours of learning and practice, hearing the positive feedback from the audience is a great reward that boots our confidence and leaves us with incredible feeling of accomplishment. Children will feel great about their accomplishment and get their self-confidence boosted.


5. It Reduces Stress
Research has shown that playing music can reduce stress, therefore having a positive impact on your body and mind. Playing your favorite instrument everyday absorbs your attention and prevents your mind from wandering. Feeling happy is one of the best feelings one could have, and learning how to play music can help you achieve that.


6. It Attracts Others
Playing a music instrument is a great way to build your social skills. You will be able to play with other people in performances, and build friendships after spending many hours with other performers.


7. It Helps Understand Other Cultures
Learning how to play a music instrument will allow you to explore different types of music. This may include playing music from other cultures, and discovering how music plays a big part in other people’s lives. It’s fun and useful to learn about new cultures – music can help you achieve that.


8. It Helps to Learn How to Play Other Music Instruments
When you learn how to play a music instrument well, you are more likely to learn how to play other music instruments. Since you would have already learned the foundation of music theory and you have built the discipline & motivation, it will be easier to learn how to play a new music instrument and master it.


9. It Stimulates Children’s Creativity
The multi-tasking that is required when playing a music instrument teaches children to think more creatively and critically. Children will be able to focus on any difficult task they face. Supported by the best music instructors in Dubai, your child’s creativity will flourish.


10. It Teaches Children Discipline
Playing a music instrument is complex. As your child focus, commit, and practice for years, he will be taught to set goals and accomplish them. As time pass, your child’s music skills will help them to become more disciplined in other areas of their life. At Brooklyn Melodies, we are thrilled to teach music to kids and parents that are interested in achieving good results.


11. It Improves Children’s Academic Skills
Playing an instrument and reading music require us to apply a variety of skills. Learning how to memorize music notes trains our memory and helps us remember things better. Research shows that children perform better in math and literacy due to their learning of music beats and rhythms. Children will excel more at school as they explore the scientific explanation for sound. If you want to improve your kids’ skills in school, enroll them now in a music lesson at Brooklyn Melodies.


12. It Creates a Bright Future for Children
Teaching children how to play a music instrument is investing in their future. In addition to the fact that music has a direct positive impact on children academic and social development, you are giving your child another tool to succeed. If your children don’t choose music as their professional career, they would have developed a passion that will stay with them all their lives.