How to Prepare for a Dance Audition

dance ballet audition How to Prepare for a Dance Audition

“I shut my eyes, I feel the rhythm coursing through my veins as my body moves along to every beat; and when there’s no beat, each pump of my heart creates a rhythm inside me which I just can’t ignore!”

This is what dancing means for me – it’s my life. Dancing shouldn’t really be hard and most dancers will bear us witness. Nonetheless, you will have to seriously sweat for it if you want to move with grace like Michael Jackson and still have the look and glamour of Misty Copeland.

Many people tense up right before an audition. How to deal with the fear of dance auditions? Sit tight lovely dancer, follow my every word and you will have a smooth flow throughout.

Consider This before Going to the Audition

Some strong pointers will come in handy even before you step into your audition room. There are also some things, according to experts, which should be done during the auditioning to maintain your strong start.

Train, Train & Train Some More

Easy; anyone who has been in the hard school of life will tell you to put a lot of effort into anything you want to perfect. Training has a way of giving you confidence each day as you become better. Those dance classes which you’ve paid for shouldn’t go to waste – maximize on them as if your life depends on it. And when you get corrected by anyone, do not be too proud to listen. As a matter of fact, you need to learn to be your own teacher – listen once, change whatever you were doing wrong and if you ever note a flow in your moves, mention it loudly. It shows a lot of maturities when one can point out their own weaknesses; furthermore, it shows a dire willingness to get better.

Cross Train

When you see a dancer going for cardio training exercises, or waking up at the break of dawn with jogging suits, you know they understand exactly what they are doing. Your training should involve a lot of other exercises both to keep your body functional and at its best state. Not only do you end up in great shape, it also gives you the endurance through long and tedious auditions.

Health & Positive Vibes

Dance is way more than a physical activity for entertainment. It encompasses the body, mind and soul of an individual. Before one can even benefit from playing musicals and dancing for an audition, they need to be in the best state on the inside as well as on the outside. This calls for a daily check up on our lifestyle – the foods we eat, the drinks we consume, etc. Health should be your number one concern – you aren’t feeling well, don’t even attempt stepping into that dance audition, unless it’s not that serious.

Oh, and while you’re working on your insides, be sure to also associate yourself with positive vibes only. Since dance reaches out to one’s very soul, you need to have gotten rid of all negativity before dancing. As a matter of fact, you can make use of that dance opportunity to get rid of all the bad energy and let all the goodness flow in – your choreographer should teach you this if you ever find it hard. Master this art and all your dance auditions will be a walk by the park.

Attire & Rules

Depending on what dance session you’re going to audition for, you need to match that up with a dress code that comes close to that. Being unique is good, but this needs uniformity which should be maintained always and throughout. In fact, before you go into that audition room, make sure there is nothing in the name of rules which you haven’t gripped. Do not be shy about asking if something slips your understanding.

During the Dance Audition

Take a deep breath in and out – this is what you’ve so dearly been waiting for. It’s time to put your best foot forward and put all that’s inside you out there for the world to see. Auditions for kids and adults of all ages have rules which should be maintained. So, how do you ace it on an actual day?

Be Your Own Self

Trying a different portion of medicine on the final day won’t give you a better set of treatment – it might actually put you in a worse off state. You need to use your own dance etiquette. You are not your friends – you actually need to keep a good distance from them before the auditions or risk them giving you different thoughts on clothing or moves. This will destabilize you especially if you’re used to accepting all forms of advice that come your way.

Just be your own self – no one knows that person better than you do.

Manners Maketh Man

Like in a job interview, don’t sit down while auditioning. Remember me telling you to stay away from your friends? You don’t want to be caught speaking to them as you’re auditioning. Simple manners will go a long way to create a better impression in the eyes of the instructors and directors. Do try to have a good grip of their names and give them the utmost respect – turning your back on them won’t turn out well for you. Just do as you are told, impress without appearing to put too many efforts and the rest will come naturally.

Prepare for a dance audition

Anything can happen during the dance auditions, and you need to learn flexibility. Be prepared for anything that comes your way, take it with grace and move on. You should have learned to recognize the different beats during your training. Therefore, you should be deer quick to recognize each changing beat and each move associated with it. Why walk when you can dance?


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